Stand Up Bolt

Saturday, 04/07/2020

  • Stand Up bolt is an apparatus in which the primary function is binding on the area of underground rock structures
  • Stand up bolt commonly used in the mining area tunnels (Underground),
  • Stand up bolt having various diameters and sizes – range from dia.19, 25 and length 2000, 2400, 3000, 3500
  • It’s made from deformed bar with threaded in both side by special specifications to make it more strength. There are variety sizes from M16 and M22 adapted to the conditions of underground area
  • Plugged in the wall of tunnels (underground) and supported with equipments and other materials so the function of stand up bolt were very important to get strength on underground tunnel
  • Stand up bolt combine with washer plate and nuts witch determine size and its function

Physical Properties

1 Minimum Yield Strength 50 Kg/mm2
2 Minimun Tensile Strength 63 Kg/mm2
3 Minimum Elongation 14%

Chemical Composition

1 Carbon (C) 0.32
2 Silikon (Si) 0.55
3 Mangan (Mn) 1.80
4 Fospor (P) 0.04
5 Sulfur (S) 0.04
6 CE = C+Mn/6 0.60